Introducing client collaboration

Today I’m thrilled to announce that YOUR clients can access their wedding details now from WedPlanner Pro. This was one of our most requested features and we wanted to bring it to you with a nice package around it, and I think we manage to do it very well.

WedPlanner Pro is now going to give your wedding planning company an edge over the competition by letting your brides and grooms have access to their wedding details. No more emailing spreadsheets back and forth between you and clients and waiting for a response like an updated guest list.

Even more WedPlanner Pro will now look more like your company’s product, your company logo and name will stand out throughout WedPlanner Pro, and we give you the ability to have your own website address which your clients can use to access YOUR WedPlanner Pro.

client access login

And we have made it very easy for you to set it up. First set your company’s site address in company settings under the admin menu tab.


Then invite your clients to your WedPlanner Pro. There is a new tab in your clients wedding file called Invite Client, it lets you invite anyone by entering their email address. They’ll receive an email inviting them to create their account and access their wedding details.


Your client will have access to everything that is available in her wedding file only, that includes notes for uploading documents and discussions, budget planner, checklist, timeline and guests list management.

One extra benefit here that we see planners might use is that if you are not managing the wedding from start to finish that you can still give these tools to your clients as a supplementary service and they can use them to plan their own wedding.

We hope you enjoy and like always we are eager to hear your feedback.

Happy Planning!

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