Are your venues secured? If not, it could cost you your wedding business.

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There is no possible excuse you can give the bride and the groom as to why you were not able to book their first choice when they gave you the reservation fee and their specific request months ago. DEFINITELY NO EXCUSE! It can have serious implications not only with your relationship with the client, but also with your career as a wedding planner. It can result not only with cancellation of your contract with the client, but far worst, may have legal actions filed against you due to contract violation and negligence. This is an issue of professionalism which will have a huge effect on your business. If, by some stroke of luck the client decides to let go of the issue, don’t think this will avoid being the talk of the town among your fellow suppliers and the wedding community. You might lose future clients and permanently damage your reputation, so be very careful.

There are also instances wherein the situation is beyond your control. Let us say you are well ahead of your schedule in planning, but you still fail to book the requested venue because other planners beat you to it. Promptly inform the client about this, but not without the following options to present:

  1. You have put your event on the venue’s waiting list just in case there is a cancellation on the booked event. This is by far a long shot but you never know what can happen.
  2. Provide a list of venue options having the same or almost the same amenities so your clients will feel you know their distress and have gone out of your way to provide reasonable alternatives.

Bottom line here is that once the client provided you with the venue/s, make THAT your first priority. Call the venue as soon as you can to ask the availability and set an appointment to check the location personally. If you can have the client tag along with you, then the decision can be made right away. As a wedding planner, you have to act fast to make sure everything is organized. This will be one thing off the list of your worries as you move along the wedding planning process.


When a newly engaged bride and groom starts planning their wedding, a vision of the outcome is already Mobdro in their mind; the ambiance, the picturesque background, and the guests comfortably seated before them. The venue, which adds significantly to the total aesthetics and comfort of the event, is always an important consideration.

Of course you cannot book a venue unless the client has a wedding date. Once they do, inform them to choose a venue as soon as possible. To help them, cite at least three to four venue alternatives just in case the priority venue is 1) already fully booked 2) not within the budget range 3) limits the execution of your wedding theme 4) has unreasonable regulations, etc.

The bride and groom have given this much thought, and as their wedding planner, rely on you to secure this venue for them. So if you are charting a timeline or checklist now for a particular wedding, be sure to list the venue on your top most priority. There are also some couples who have no ideas at all, presumably because it’s their first wedding, and they will require your knowledge to help them make a decision. Aside from referring wedding venues to the client, it is important they know the basic requirements to look for in a venue to make their wedding perfect and hassle-free.



It does not matter if the venue is the most beautiful location the couple has ever laid eyes on. If the venue is not available on the client’s preferred wedding date, then it is time to move on to another venue unless the bride and the groom are willing to change their preferred date.

Convenient location

If the venues for ceremony and reception will be in two separate locations, always inform the client that they should be booked simultaneously. The proximity between the two should also be reasonably close, ten to fifteen minutes travel time is a convenient standard.. Also think about where the majority of the guests will be coming from before booking the venue. Try and find a strategic venue located halfway for everybody. To make it easier for the guests, ask for a location map from the venue and have it printed or attached to the formal invitation.

Reasonable rate

No matter how perfect a venue seems, never urge your client to book it if the venue rate is more than they can afford. When providing suggestions, stay within their budget. But if they have a dream venue already, but the price is really out of the question, try to research for a similar venue having some of the amenities your client loved in the first place. Also probe the venue staff on hidden charges such as corkage for food and beverage, electrical charges, etc. Your client will surely appreciate this kind of thoughtfulness.


Weather is always a main concern amongst wedding planners because it is always beyond your control. You don’t want to worry about sudden rain while the garden or beach wedding ceremony is ongoing. So if you can talk the bride and groom into getting an indoor venue, then better. There are many venues which offer combined features of both an indoor and outdoor setting, so try to suggest this to the couple. Or if they insist on an outdoor venue, check with the venue staff beforehand if they have contingency plans just in case. Do they provide tents? Or will there be a nearby available venue you can transfer to in the event of rain? Remember weather can be unpredictable at times, so create alternate plans for unforeseen cases.

Outdoor settings may also attract unwanted visitors; insects and for some natural venues, birds and other stray animals may also gatecrash your party. Wind and noise factors are also other annoyances to take into consideration when selecting a venue.


It is also important you find security for your guests’ vehicles. Be sure that the venue offers secured and maintained parking, and has enough spaces for the intended number of guests. A fully paved parking area is preferable since most female guests will wear high-heeled shoes.

Well ventilated facility

Another factor in selecting a venue aside from convenience is comfort. If you are looking at an indoor venue, Mobdro App for PC be sure it has air-conditioning so guests will not be distracted with the heat. Especially for clients who prefer guests to wear a suit and tie, an overly warm venue will be quite uncomfortable for your male guests. You would not want them removing their jackets, or the women constantly fanning and wiping sweat from themselves .

Rules and regulations

Check with the bride and the groom if they have some religious or special family tradition they want to perform during the ceremony or reception. For example, there are some religions which have a ritual requiring fire or incense burning to symbolize the union of the bride and the groom. You have to review the venue’s regulations to ensure they will allow the client to perform such a ritual. If not, you might want to ask the client if they are willing to forgo the tradition in order to get the venue, or if they prefer to hold fast to their beliefs and find another venue more flexible with their rules.

Amiable staff

You will be working with the staff of the venue for about a year; so it is important you can get along with them. It’s not necessary to be friends, but a professional and easy relationship is desirable.


Early birds

If the venue is really among the popular choices for weddings, then chances are your clients are not the only who vying to book for the venue. Most sought after venues are booked at least a year or more prior to the date of the event, so be sure your client is booked first.


A lot of venues tend to become unavailable early for peak months. So bear in mind if your client is eyeing a wedding date during summer, Christmas season or other special holidays, best decide on the venue and book fast!

Peace of mind

And finally Peace of Mind is the best gift you can ever give to your client. Spare them the worry of having to decide on another venue at the last minute, or the disappointment of not getting the venue of their choice. This will also now allow you to proceed to the other important tasks on your list.

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