Organize your clients

Your clients are all quickly identifiable with a photo attached to their file. Your client files is digital folders that hold all the information for that particular client. And it is stored online and can be accessed from anywhere.

wedding clients

Top notch budget planner

On the budget page of your client file you can effortlessly chop and change budgets until the wedding can happen. No need to cut and paste formulas in spreadsheets.

wedding budget

Timelines for everyone

Create a timeline for each vendor and a master timeline all in one.

wedding timeline

Vendor cards

When you assign vendors to a client you are creating a digital vendor card that you place inside your client’s file. This card can hold notes and instructions to the vendor, and files like invoices, pictures etc.


File attachments

Upload images, invoices from vendors or any other document to be placed inside your client’s file.

vendor cards

Collaborate with your clients

Never email spreadsheets back and forth again. Invite your clients to collaborate on the wedding plan together.


FreshBooks integration

Create FreshBooks invoices right from within WedPlanner Pro.

Freshbooks Invoicing
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