How software can help your wedding business

If you run any type of wedding business, organization is probably your top priority. As anyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows, there are so many balls to keep in the air that it can become overwhelming if you don’t keep all of the details structured. Luckily, there’s plenty of wedding and small business software

Top 10 wedding marketing ideas

Developing a marketing strategy for your wedding planning business is critical to the growth of your client base. If you're just starting out as an independent planner, you need to start your marketing plan immediately. Begin expanding your client base with a strategy that utilizes both online and offline wedding marketing ideas. 1. Create a

Stress and Panic should not be known to a wedding planner

I get sick to my stomach when wedding planners start to complain about all the stress they have to handle and that the whole world is crashing down around them. The first finger gets pointed to the bride, the bride can’t communicate, can’t make up her mind, can’t this can’t that. Second in line is

How to Include Dogs in a Wedding

As a professional wedding planner, you must be capable of planning all sorts of weddings – including weddings that involve dogs. Though including a dog in a wedding may seem strange, it isn’t to its owner. People who love their dogs want them to partake in every aspect on their lives, including their weddings. These

Planning a Multicultural Wedding

As more interracial relationships lead to marriage, multicultural weddings are becoming increasingly desirable. As a professional wedding planner, you must be skilled enough to bring together two beautiful cultures in a unique way that unites instead of offend a couple and their cultural backgrounds. There are a number of ways your wedding planning business can

Planning a Wedding with a Difficult Bride-to-Be

Everyone’s familiar with the show “Bridezillas.” It’s funny to watch when you’re not dealing with these mean-spirited women, but it’s a living nightmare when you’re working with them as a professional wedding planner. You love your career, but dealing with these wrathful women who feel a need to act lesser than a lady because they’re

5 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Planning Business’ Niche

As a professional wedding planner, you need a niche. This allows you to attract the clients you want; thus, bringing you their business. These tips will help you find the right niche for you. Tip 1: Decide what market you want to tap into. As a professional wedding planner, you may enjoy working with couples

Planning Winter Weddings against Mother Nature

Winter is here with a vengeance: floods, snowstorms, and freezing temperatures. Regardless where you live, chances are winter is leaving its wrathful affects on your area. Despite Mother Nature's fury, there are couples anxious to marry. No amount of hail, rain, or snow can stop them from saying, “I do.” For a professional wedding planner,

How to become a wedding planner

What does a wedding planner do? It is important to understand what the role of a wedding planner is before you want to become a wedding planner. A wedding planner does everything around the planning of a wedding from help finding the venue to sourcing the suppliers to coordinating everyone on the day of the