WedPlanner Pro new feature release

I am excited to announce the next release of WedPlanner Pro. I focussed on the wedding planning business side for this release, which means it is now possible to track financial information for each client.

Client’s status

client status options

Clients can now be placed into certain statuses.

  • Leads is for clients that contacted you but have not yet chosen your services
  • Active is the clients that you are currently working for, and
  • Archived Clients is when you have completed the services required from them.

Client’s account

client account screen

This screen allows you to easily track invoices and payments and monitor a client’s outstanding balance.

Time sheets

client time sheet screen

Track all your consultation hours with time sheets. You can even create an invoice from your time sheets.

There is some other small changes like color coded calendar and better navigational features. But that is it for now. If you have any questions or comments please join the Feedback forum and suggest or vote on features for the next release.

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