5 Tips on Choosing a Wedding Planning Business’ Niche

As a professional wedding planner, you need a niche. This allows you to attract the clients you want; thus, bringing you their business.

These tips will help you find the right niche for you.

Tip 1: Decide what market you want to tap into.

As a professional wedding planner, you may enjoy working with couples desiring cultural, adventurous or romantic weddings. Regardless, make it your niche and market it extensively.

Tip 2: Decide what services and products to offer.

What services is your wedding planning business going to offer your niche? This requires research. Learn what services should be offered to your target market. For example, a country western themed wedding may require different services from an Indian wedding.

Tip 3: Choose the income level you want to work with.

This choice helps you decide whether to work with middleclass or the rich. The middleclass spend lots of money on weddings; however, the rich spend more. It’s common for celebrities to pay a professional wedding planner millions to plan their weddings. As you decide on this matter, beware that the higher the income, the better the services must be.

Tip 4: Consider your location.

Is your niche profitable in your city? If not, establish yourself as an expert and market well. If it is, then work harder to stand out above the rest. Differentiate yourself from other wedding vendors.

Tip 5: Work from the heart.

Choose a niche that interests you. Being a professional wedding planner is not only about planning a wedding for the sake of money; it’s also about enjoying your creativity. Working only for money causes burnouts and disinterest. So pick a niche you love so much you’d work it for free – though you won’t.

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