Use software to create a guest list

When a wedding is being planned it is essential to have a guest list that can be easily managed and edited. People that want to make sure that can create a list easily should take the time to get the right software for the job.

Some people make use of the well known programs like Microsoft Excel, but this only one of many options that planners have when they are composing spreadsheets. There are many freeware alternatives like Calc (part of the Open Office suite) and King Soft spreadsheets that give users lots of different options.The software programs may be different, but the creation of the spreadsheets is basically the same. It is important to divide the names and addresses into different columns. It is good to actually have first and last names in different columns. Planners can then sort the spreadsheet by last name in ascending or descending order. It doesn’t matter how they type the guest names in. Everything can be sorted after the names are typed by using the sort button.Once this is done it is good to create a border around the table. It is also good to have software that makes it easy to change the color of table cells. Microsoft Excel may be the best option for people that want to do this. It allows users to actually sort the spreadsheets in a way that will be easier to view.When the list is created it is important to decide if the document will be in landscape or portrait style. It is relevant for everyone that is trying to create a guest list to know that there are templates out there that make the job easier. Again, Microsoft Excel is the software that is most commonly used to create spreadsheets for those that want to download some type of template.

Everyone that has used a spreadsheet before is aware of how important it is to save changes once the sheet is created. In some applications there are multiple workbooks. People that are creating the guest lists may want to use different tabs to create copies of the spreadsheet and alter it in different ways. It is important to make sure that there are fields for the address and phone numbers. Planners that create these spreadsheets also need to be certain that they have fields to denote who has responded to the invitations.

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