New WedPlanner Pro going live soon

After getting feedback and going back to the drawing board and a lot of help from current wedding planners, I am ready to release the next version of WedPlanner Pro.

With this update I have decided to remove some features and improve existing features that will help you as the planner to stay organized and to quickly call up any information you need.

Here is a quick overview of the improved features:

Client files view


The client files view gives you a great overview of all your clients. With the benefit of a photo for your client you can now quickly spot that client to open her file. Client files can be archived so it does not pollute your active client list.

Client file

A client file is like a physical client file that have pages in them where you can flip to, to get or update information. Your client file has a page for notes, a budget, a timeline, a checklist and for vendor cards.

Client’s note page

clients notes

When you open your client’s file the first page is like a cover page where notes can be taken about your client. You can even attach files to notes. Comments can be made on notes so your team can have a discussion around this client in their file.

Budget is the same as the current system, except you can get more done with less clicks.

Timeline got a good overhaul, and you will now be able to assign timeline entries to vendors and give each of your vendors a timeline only applicable to them. Also you can print a master timeline for you to follow on the day of the wedding.

In the checklist you can now assign the Bride, Groom or the Planner as the responsible person for a checklist item, again each list can be printed and handed to the bride and/or the groom.

The vendors page allows you to specify which vendors are being contracted for this client’s wedding.


The vendors page is like a card holder page, where each contracted vendor has a card, on the back of  the card you can capture notes, have discussions between your team and upload files that pertains to the vendor inside the client file.

Removed features

“But hang on, where is the guest list and other features?” you might ask. These features have been removed from the current update, but they will be added back in due course as they are refined to work best for you.

The following features have been removed:

  • Guests
  • Invitations
  • RSVP
  • Finances/Expenses/Income/Invoices
  • Timesheets

To the future

To reiterate, these features won’t be removed completely, they will be added back in due course. Things to look out for in the near future:

  • Guests – sending file to bride to populate, can then be used to import into system, with RSVP and Meal information.
  • Finances – Invoice clients and link with your Freshbooks or LessAccounting accounts.

In the far distant future look out for these:

  • Seating and floor planner
  • Bride, groom can have access to their files and can be part of the discussion


I hope you are as excited as I am about the future of WedPlanner Pro, until next time, happy planning!

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