FreshBooks Integration

I’m very please to announce that we now integrate with FreshBooks. We had requests of adding invoice capabilities to WedPlanner Pro, after reviewing we decided rather integrate with invoicing services than implementing our own solution. This gets rid of having multiple accounting systems, you can rather have all your accounting related information in your accounting software package like FreshBooks. I foresee many integrations to other accounting systems as the need arise from our customers.

I want to take the time showing how to link your FreshBooks account to WedPlanner Pro and start invoicing your clients from WedPlanner Pro.

Link and authorize WedPlanner Pro

First you must give WedPlanner Pro permission to access information from your FreshBooks account, this is accomplished Mobdro by navigating to your user profile, on your profile you will see a new section “FreshBooks integration”. Click on the green button, Link FreshBooks, to start authorizing FreshBooks.



Enter your FreshBooks url into the input box provided Mobdro App for PC and click on the Authorize button.



FreshBooks will ask you for permission to give WedPlanner Pro access to your FreshBooks account, click on the “Allow Access” button to link your FreshBooks account.




This will take you back to your WedPlanner Pro user profile, the FreshBooks section will now indicate that your FreshBooks account is linked.



Create Invoices in Client files

Once your FreshBooks account is linked you will now have an extra tab in your client files named “Invoices”. Clicking on the tab will fetch all invoices created for the client and will show the invoice number, amount and status of each invoice.


To create an invoice for the client just click on the Create Invoice button. If the client does not exists in your FreshBooks account it will be automatically created for you, and a new invoice will then be created against the client. Once created click on the “Go to invoice” button, this will take you to FreshBooks where you can complete the invoice for the client.




When you saved or sent the invoice you can click on the Refresh button in the invoice tab of your client file to update the information from FreshBooks. To view, edit or load a payment on any invoice, click on the invoice number.

I hope you enjoy this feature and we looking forward to support many more services in the future.

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