Wedding Planner Checklist

To be a successful wedding planner you should always be organized. You won’t impress any brides if you don’t have information at your finger tips. For every client you should have a file or a binder where you can store any documentation related to your bride’s wedding. I suggest to get binders that can hold a range of document types and media like business cards, CDs/DVDs, divider tabs, clear sheet protectors etc. In this binder you should have the following contents:

  • Contract
  • Wedding Budget
  • Wedding planner checklist
  • Vendor contracts
  • Rehearsal checklist
  • Ceremony checklist
  • Reception checklist
  • Any other notes about the wedding

Checklists are important for a wedding planner. It allows you to keep track of how far into the wedding plan you are, as well as which tasks still needs to be done and which tasks are completed. Without a wedding planner checklist you will get lost and start missing appointments and that won’t impress your brides or your vendors.

To help out here is a wedding planner checklist template that can get you started to keep you on top of your wedding planning events.

Download Template (file: wedding-planner-checklist.xlsx)

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