Ultimate List of Wedding Planner Associations

Should I join a wedding planner association? That is a very common question among beginner wedding planners. Joining a wedding planner association will give you a lot of benefits including credibility, educational wedding seminars, media opportunities etc.

Also remember that when joining a wedding planner association you should participate and take the initiative and volunteer to be active, that way you will get the most benefit out of your wedding planner association.

Which wedding planner association is right for you depends on your needs and your wedding business. Do your research before joining one, and evaluate every year if you need to switch to a different association as your business needs change.

Here is a list of prominent wedding planner associations:


The National Association of Wedding Professionals
American Association of Certified Wedding Planners
Association of Certified Professional Wedding Consultants
The International Institute of Weddings
Association of Wedding Consulting
Wedding Industry Professionals Association
Society Of Wedding Planners
The Wedding Planning Institute
The Wedding and Event Institute
June Wedding, Inc


The Wedding Planners Institute of Coordination
The International Institute of Weddings


Wedding Planning Association of Australia


National Association of Professional Wedding Services
UK Alliance of Wedding Planners


Wedding Coordination Association of South Africa
Wedding Professionals Association of South Africa
Outer Banks Wedding Association
Association of Consultants en Marriage
Association of Wedding Consulting Professionals International



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